Monday, March 31, 2008

ok so here goes

I have just come back from Austria where i visited my mum. Was only back in England for a couple of days and had to go to A&E. William decided to take a leap from the bed onto the under bed drawer head first. After 3 hours in A&E we got told he was fine, luckily but it was a big shock!

Now he's full of cold and is finding it difficult sleeping again, although tonight seems to be going better (only been up twice up to now lol) that would seem like so much to some people...

Last night he didnt sleep well, he was snuggling up to me so close, like he wanted to make sure i was still there. I love sleeping with my son, i know he'll want to be in his own room and i won't be allowed to enter soon enough.

We had a birthday party for all the babies from our post natal group on saturday which was lovely. All the kids ran around (as well as they could) and they had a bouncy castle too, which william liked a lot, although he couldn't jump himself.

When back at home that night Mike and I talked about all the classic examples of conditional parenting and bribing we'd heard during those 1 1/2 hours at the party. I'm surprised Mike picked up on it as much as he did. But I'm glad he has noticed as he will know what he has to do (or not do) when William is older. And any other siblings that will come along hehe. (Although I'm not quite sure he is aware of that yet)

Bedtime now x