Wednesday, August 6, 2008

long time no write

I'm back from my holiday now. We went to Reutte in Tirol, Austria for two weeks to visit my mum and go to the medieval festival / market where we sold handmade (by me) childrens clothes. We went by ferry Hull to Rotterdam and then travelled the ten hours to Austria in the car. William struggled with the journey which isnt surprising - being strapped into a car seat for such a long time. But considering the circumstances everything went very well!
We had a lovely time at my mums, we were able to go out for a few meals as mum watched William for a couple of hours. We went swimming and we went to the Sauna / Spa in Fuessen which was so beautifully relaxing!
We arrived back here on Tuesday morning and I think we are all glad to be back home. Although I could have stayed longer. Hopefully I will be able to go back some time this year. Two weeks is just too short.

When i got chance, after unpacking etc I checked my emails and read up on a few blogs i like to read. I was upset to discover one of my favourite blog writers, Veronika is not going to write any more. I loved reading her blog - she always got straight to the point and told it how it was.

I will have to subscribe to the Mothering magazine - she edits it - just to be able to read some sane peoples opinions ;oP

Today I finally got rid of our old double bed frame and chair with footstool to British Heart foundation. (British heart because my dad died of a heart attack 5 years ago)

I also managed to put Williams bed up in his room and it actually LOOKS like a childrens bedroom now. His toy kitchen is up there too and we have had a nap in his bed already and he has also emptied his kitchen and played with it all over the upstairs! I think he likes it!

The living room looks a lot better now we have gotten rid of the chair - a lot more space! (for william to mess up)

I also brought across a fair trade swinging hammock chair which is hung up on the swing hooks in the kitchen / conservatory at the moment but i want to get some fixings for the living room so I can move it about. It will also fit onto the extension arm of our swing outside so on nice summer days (of which of course we havent had any since coming back) it will be nice to hang out there and read a book or watch william play.

Which Im going to do now.

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