Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nursing Fishy

Nursing my 18mo old is like
Nursing a singing octopus fish out of water
at an olympic competition for flopping
Our once restful bed is full of
flipping and flailing
humming and tapping
twisting and turning
Please don't talk with your mouth full dear fishy
those teeth pinch!
leaning and pulling
pinching and pushing
bending and leaning
and just when I've had enough
Just when I think I can't last one minute more
I look down at you in total frustration
Ready to take away your precious boobie
And your eyes sparkle up at me
You smile and I get the littlest peek
of your tounge and milk dribbles down your chin.
Keep nursing dear fishy.
I love you.

Written by T.L.V. aka "Milkmommie" on

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