Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ann isn't going to like this (lol)

Right, so, while I was in Austria (7 weeks) the whole EC ( went out of the window a bit. Partly due to me not always being there (snowboarding a few days) and mostly due to my mums cream carpet and her slight panicky view on this (apart from the fact that she thinks I'm pushing him into doing something he isnt ready yet - but all you who do EC will know differently)
Anyways I've kind of settled back into a life here in England so I have decided to try and give it a go again. William is now in his tiny underpants (and his bum looks sooooo small!!!) and I'm sure I'll have just as much washing to do the first couple of weeks (it'll be pants and trousers instead of nappies) Let's just see how it goes and how William responds (again) as it went quite well before i left for Austria.

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