Monday, April 7, 2008

Charity shop shopping

Yesterday after we had been for a nice meal in Grean Dragon ("our pub") we decided to do a bit of Sunday shopping. Mainly because I have lost so much weight due to my son guzzling his lovely mummy milk that everything I try on is too big (just to give an idea I was 12 stone before getting pregnant, I then put on 3 stone so by the time William was born I was a whopping 15 Stone. Now, 14 months later I am a mere 9 Stone 10lb)
This is me 8 1/2 months pregnant
me preggie
So not surprisingly everything that was once too tight is now hanging off me. Unfortunately I only found one top so wasnt very successfull... Mike on the other hand well that's a different matter alltogether. He found 25 pounds worth of records and two history books. One for himself, a 60s edition HIstory of the world from neanderthal man to Hitler (Man didnt become any more clever as time went on lol) and the other book he bought for William should he ever want to have a peek inside it. Its a picture book of 20th century history. We had a look through it and certainly found it interesting if a bit depressing as half of it seemed to be covering different wars.
I will be taking some stuff to charity shop myself soon as William is growing so fast and i dont know where to put all his stuff. Might sell some of the nicer things on Ebay, we'll see.

Oh and before I forget we had snow today too! It started snowing last night and this morning there was still a layer out in the garden and on the daffodils!!

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