Saturday, April 5, 2008

Update on Doctors appointment

Well i turned up at the doctors and I couldn't believe it! The secretary had done the same thing again, where she didn't listen to what i was telling her and therefor didn't book me in at the right time or with the right doctor for that matter. So all i did was talk to Dr. Pearson for a while who then wrote down WHO i had to see and WHEN so I could get all my checkups. I am going back now on the 24th at 8.30 in the morning. As I'm having my cholesterol checked I can't eat for 12 hours beforehand. I am going to be starving! You try not to eat when your little one is attached to you for breastmilk throughout the night! Luckily Mike is able to take me in the morning and I'll just have to take something to eat with me so I won't collapse on the way back lol. It's a good half hour walk (walking fast) from the doctors to town centre where i can get the bus back home. I dont mind walking, I actually quite enjoy it, but I do like my quiet starts to the morning where the first thing I do is make myself a coffee to wake up. Still, people would say to me now I should learn how to drive - but I'm quite happy not driving or owning a car. It costs too much and the way parking is here - by the time I would find somewhere to park and have paid for the parking i have walked into town anyway - or gotten the bus for less money.

On the way back from town after seeing the doctors I was sat in the bus and a lady got on - a mother of a young lad's my guess from the way she was talking on the phone. She was talking about how the police had messed the statements up and about how there seemed to be no witnesses coming forward although whatever happened happened right infront of the police station as the schoolbus dropped the kids off on the way to school. I don't know what happened but it sounded like something quite serious which involved a gang of kids and her son. Listening to her I knew again that my decision to homeschool would never change.

William is awakening now and is asking for food so better go.

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