Friday, April 11, 2008

William is coming on!

Today I finally saw William crawling DOWN the stairs! He's been loving crawling up them for a few weeks and now he's figured out how to come down them backwards! yay! I can't believe how he has come on so much in these last few months, crawling, walking and climbing, he's now also feeding himself with a spoon and he can use a fork. He also loves using a knife - as a fork mostly, although I've seen him copy me "scraping butter on his bread". He also loves to "feed" me with his (empty) spoon. He can build a tower of 4 bricks! He can say a few words, "dada" being his favourite, although it can mean anything he might be interested in at that point in time. When "dada" does come home from work though or when i say his name William is at the door in a flash waiting to welcome his dad home and to be lifted up and have a big cuddle and a scratchy kiss. I love to see how he is developing every day I can't imagine anything I would want to be doing more!

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