Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Photos at last!

I can at last post photos of events when they take place yipppie!! I went and got a handy little USB device which has slots for my memory card so I don't need to order a cable.

So here is the first picture
Its my gorgeous son William sitting on a tin container which reads "Jamie Oliver, Cheeky mug"
William was playing with this when suddenly he decided he wanted to sit down on it, he kept trying and eventually figured (with a little help) how he could sit down without falling by puttin it behind him instead of infront of him! He was walking round it in circles trying to get it in the right place to sit on and couldn't figure out that *he* had to turn round himself.
When he finally sat down he looked so cheeky i just had to take a pic.
Isn't he lovely *insert proud mummy moment*

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