Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sprouting mung beans

Ive had a bag of mung beans lying about in the "pantry" for ages now so a few days ago i decided i would try and sprout some myself. We've been eating a lot of chinese lately (home cooked stir fries are sooo easy!) and i though well why buy the beansprouts if i can make them myself?
So, i put the beans in to soak and then went to search for something to sprout them in. I found my three tier steamer and converted that into a make shift sprouter! I thought I'd see how i get on, try some different beans and then maybe buy a proper sprouter, we'll see.
The other thing we have been doing is sowing some windowsill seed vegetables and herbs. So far we've got basil, tomatoes, aubergines and red and green peppers... they've only just gone in so we're waiting to see some first shoots soon hopefully. I also got some living green salad from tescos which we potted on and thats growing nicely (spinach, rocket and baby pak choy)
Mike repotted some of his plants while we were at it with the mud and compost in the conservatory.
The other thing that I have finally gotten around to doing is ordering a weekly organic vegetable box to be delivered from a local farm. We got our first one on wednesday last week and i felt like a little kid before christmas! I had to laugh at myself afterwards for getting so excited about a cardboard box full of vegetables. Still makes me chuckle now, but it is really nice knowing where your veg is from and also that it isnt wrapped in plastic and polystyrene (used to get my veg from tescos - why does all the organic stuff have to be wrapped so much?)
This will keep us going untill we plant a proper vegetable patch outside in our garden to go even closer to home and even cheaper! It will also be a lovely thing for William to see and do when he gets a little older. He'll be able to pick his own lunch! :oP

Theres something that has been bothering me for a while now... Everytime I put an entry in here i want to show you what I'm on about with pictures.... so ....
I must get round to taking some pictures with Mikes phone so i can upload them onto here. I have got a digital camera but the lead to upload pics has gone missing :( so will have to make do with the phone untill i either find it or get a new one...

William is asleep at the moment so I'm going to be off now to drink my coffee while it is still hot.
Then I've got to figure out a better way of getting showered without William a)eating toilet roll b)pulling the shower screen back and water going everywhere c) making a generall mess ...
and all that without him getting upset and crying - wonder if hes too young to sit in his rocking chair playing the ds... probably... oh well, I'll think of something.

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