Tuesday, April 1, 2008

William is still full of cold today and he only slept soundly in his Mai Tei, on the way back from town in the bus. I had to go to the bank to withdraw some money as i can't remember my pin code - yeah, great i know! I only got a new card not too long ago and didnt use it much before I went to Austria so now that I've come back my mind has gone completely blank.
It was quite embarrassing actually as we went to Tescos to do some shopping and we saw this computer on offer there. We were looking at different computers as we needed a new one (the keyboard on the old one had stopped working) so we decided to buy one of those on offer there and then. And then i couldnt remember my pin number at the checkout. Ohhhhh the shame! Some friends lent us 45 pounds and i got the rest out of my other account and my face still burns when i think about it. But a computer is a must, right? As how else could i be writing this now!
Did a bit of shopping - we had asparagus tonight with pork, (Mike needs meat lol) lots of potatoes and hollandaise sauce yummy! William was still awake while we had our tea and didn't fall asleep while late either (actually, about 30 mins ago)

Didn't do much else today but tomorrow will be a busier day, i need to tidy / clean / DUST!!!! as im having the post natal group bunch round on thursday. Im also going to the docs for a general check up. My dad and uncle both died from heart attacks due to high cholesterol so that's one of the things I'll be checked for. I'm also going to ask whether they do testing for allergies and intolerances as William turned red again today after eating his tea (he had bread, cheese, beetroot and onion and olive spread, im thinking it was either the cheese or beetroot...) We'll see...

off to bed now as is late and im tired!!!!

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